CanCourts is a simple project to push some of the RSS feeds from the Canadian Legal Information Institute – CanLII – to Twitter. CanLII helpfully provides RSS feeds for recently added judgments for all of the courts and tribunals the decisions of which it publishes.

Some legal workers do not read RSS feeds but do use Twitter, finding it a helpful way to receive leads to relevant information quickly. The CanCourts project, then, extends the functionality of some of CanLII's feeds.

To the right, you'll find the links to the twitter feeds for seven provincial courts of appeal, the twitter feed for decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada, and as well a feed for all the prior jurisdictions.

Be aware that there is a delay of a day or two between the time a court of appeal releases a judgment and the time that it appears on CanLII. So if you want absolutely up-to-the-minute notification, you will have to check the web pages for the relevant courts -- which do not, or do not all, provide RSS feeds announcing their released judgments. Supreme Court judgments, however, are processed by CanLII with speed and are available within minutes of their release; the CanCourtsSCC Twitter feed, then, will be up-to-the-minute.

I regard this as one of a number of Slaw projects, because my work on that platform over the years has informed me about the various technologies and because Slaw has been a prime place to inform people about this initiative.

Simon Fodden
simon at fodden dot com